Join the QuranReflect community for a transformative experience with our "Ramadan of Reflection" program. We are thrilled to offer four exceptional programs tailored to your individual goals and aspirations for this blessed month. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى bless your Ramadan and allow these programs to help you forge a profound connection with the Quran that surpasses anything you have experienced before.


with Dr. Sohaib Saeed

Dr Sohaib Saeed, head of content at Quran.Foundation, will be taking our community through an 18-day course on how to reflect upon the Quran, using the pioneering concept of "Five Lenses". After a few points of introduction, each Lens will be shared over three days with some practical examples. You will be invited to try out these methods using the hashtag #FiveLenses to receive feedback from Shaykh Sohaib and the team.


with Shaykh Hammad Fahim

Join us on a journey of self-reflection as we explore the profound importance of manners in the Quran. Shaykh Fahim, our new Head of Community Empowerment, will be sharing daily reflections on verses from the Quran about manners, inspiring us with his insights and inviting the community to share their own reflections.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enrich your understanding of manners in Islam. To access Shaykh Fahim's reflections, visit his profile at To read reflections from our global community, simply search for the hashtag #MuslimManners.

Ayah-Look-up Challenge

with Dr. Mohannad Hakeem

Are you seeking to enhance your connection with the Quran while being challenged to delve deeper and search for answers? If so, consider exploring a fresh approach that can help you deepen your relationship with the Quran, insha'Allah.

Join Dr. Mohannad Hakeem's #AyahLookUp where he will share a question that can be answered with an ayah in the Quran. Sharpen your reading and researching skills as you search for the answer within the suggested range of verses.

Check back at the end of the day when Dr. Mohannad posts the answer to see if you got it right. To join this exciting challenge, follow Dr. Mohannad Hakeem on and take part in this enriching experience!

Ramadan 360

Led by Al-Maghrib Institute Instructors

Take Your Relationship With The Quran To The Next Level!

Join AlMaghrib Institute's interactive nightly sessions with QuranReflect. These sessions give you the opportunity to practice the art of pondering over the Quran with the guidance of Shaykh Ahmad Saleem, Dr. Mohannad Hakeem, and Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair along with some amazing guest speakers.

The best part is- you don't need to know Arabic to take part!

This is your chance to put theory into practice.

You'll have guidance on how to ponder over the book of Allah, as well as the opportunity to share your personal reflections Live with your instructor and on

To enroll in the free program, visit

Through-out the program, you can read and share reflections under #AlMaghribReflects

Ramadan Mubarak

We hope you develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with the Quran this Ramadan and we ask Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى to make QuranReflect a very beneficial part of your journey with the Quran!